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Salesforce support assistant solutions at Zippixel - Zippixel is widely recognized for its broad array of proven virtual sales force solutions. With its expertise in customer relationship management (CRM) and ability to manage a vast amount of data and information linked to the customers is incomparable. Zippixel is a certified champion in Salesforce development services to meet your business goals just the right way.

Salesforce implementation, Integration, technical support, customization, and Salesforce development - This is just a small part of what we can do for you. Our experienced and certified Salesforce developers, architects and administrators turn your vision into reality by making Salesforce exertion easy and budget friendly with fast turnarounds for our clients.

Customer Relationship Management will Build Up your Contact and Keep Your Customers Happy - Our CRM services unify all your sales, marketing, and support segments into one major section – so you can systemize and automatize business procedures instead of physically tracking sales. Salesforce Development offers you a technological unraveling where you can handle various tasks and follow-up activities with CRM.

Reduce your Overhead Expenses and Earn Yourself a Lap of Luxury With Our Salesforce Technical Support - Clasped with the bundle of Salesforce support assistant solutions with our exclusive offshore and onshore support and development methodologies, you can be rest assured that with us, noticeable cost reductions can be expected. In fact, hiring our virtual assistants will not only overtake your time-consuming jobsbut also keep the database up-to-date and friendly. Outsourcing a virtual sales assistant will incur no overhead costs as compared to an in-office sales assistant.

Our VA Sales Administrator Does Not Need What Your In-Office Sales Team Requires - Additionally, our virtual sales assistants does not need employee benefits, taxes, payroll expenses, and not even any office or desk! We work virtually to free your in-office sales team from all the dauntingly sluggish tasks and letting them to pay attention on core business marketing functions. Building your contacts – think of us as more of back-office sales agents providing you Salesforce technical support to give you an excellent command over your target market, sales analysis as well as competitive market prices.

What Our Virtual Assistants Do - Because you have got a big business to operate, we call our virtual assistants as super humans who reliably perform these tasks optimally:

  • Access to Zippixel’s entire Salesforce Developers’ team for your support and help.
  • A professional solution advisor – your primary point of contact.
  • Recurring status calls as you assign this task according to your requirements. 
  • A Virtual Administrator to provide impressive expertise and practical approach to make sure that requests align with the strategic plans of the company. 
  • Optimize the lead management and convert your leads into sales thereby significantly improving conversion rate for your business.
  • Comprehensive analysis of sales – Identifying solutions for things strategies that do not work.
  • Keep a track of all the customer transactions and respond quickly to any queries or emails.

Are you ready to hire our virtual assistant services? If yes, join us now and start building your dollar productiveness from today!

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