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Rendering Excellent Marketing Assistant Services to Busy Professionals, Entrepreneursand Small Business Owners – An expert virtual marketing assistant can handle many of your business marketing tasks such as clerical and project management, promote your business products and services in your target market with one major end goal in mind – To generate revenue and sales for companies effectively.

Undeniably, marketing is an integral part of any business. Companies around the world are constantly striving for brand establishment and customer retention. In this modernized business world, a company receives utmost exposure by first and the foremost step – by creating an interactive website which builds up a high flow of traffic. If you already have a sound online presence on social media, blog, and website, we can provide you an Internet Specialist, who would assist you in navigating the world of digital marketing successfully.

Zippixel Marketing Assistant Solutions - With us, you will grab a virtual office full of professional and experienced Marketing Assistants who are instantly available for your business projects within your set timeframe and budget. We promise to stimulate your digital marketing campaign and “earn” you a distinct name in the industry. Plus, the services which we offer in this marketing segment are defined as follows:
1.    The Internet and Social Media Marketing
2.    Marketing Video Creation
3.    Researching Keywords. 
4.    Business PPT Presentation
5.    Marketing graphics and sale presentation
6.    Search Engine Optimization
7.    Articles, Blogs on a daily basis and PR submissions. 

Our Experienced and Exceptionally Proficient Marketing Assistant for Business - We have got more for our high profile clients. Assuming that you hire a Zippixel Direct Marketing Assistant – we will publicize your brand, products, and serviceability by hyping up the profile of your business. It is our responsibility to boost your sales and profits through targeted promotional marketing for your potential prospects and existing customers. In short, we will be running your marketing campaigns and strategies to help your business move up to the next level. A small insight of our marketing tasks includes: 

a)   A retail point of sale system
b)   HTML email
c)   Regular mailers
d)   Free gifts and vouchers
e)   Competitions

Our World-Class Virtual Assistant Services - One of the most crucial aspects of social media campaign is to stir continuous engagement on your social media platforms. Of course, this involves quick online responses or sending email replies to inquiries.It also includes answering to any complaints by building a constructive criticism especially if the company has the aim to reach multi-diverse regions. We understand that prompt response on social platforms matters. 

Our VMA services will increase the productivity of your business. Since our virtual assistant work remotely even during the company’s off hours. So, your digital campaign is carried out efficiently by us on an ongoing basis. At Zippixel, we make sure that your business is earning the maximum potential by implementing and scheduling your marketing strategies within your budget level. To keep your business at a competitive pace, our pool of team ensures to consider every single step which leads to proven online marketing brand fortune. 

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