Beginners PHP Website Development

If you are a new comer in PHP web development and want to learn PHP from a basic level – read on. The acronym for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor which is a well-known open source general-purpose scripting language. PHP server-side scripting language is a perfect fit for web development which can be embedded into HTML. Which means any current HTML file can be made dynamic by turning into a PHP file with PHP script running inside it.

So, what distinguishes PHP from client-side JavaScript? It’s all about the code! With PHP the code is run on the server side generating HTML and then it is issued to the client. The client can now run that script from the output received from the server-side but, he would not be aware of what that underlying “code&rdqu

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7 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

Your website serves as the digital storefront for your business. If it doesn’t look appealing, load quickly or even have a mobile version, customers are going to keep walking. Many small business owners rely on their website to bring in a steady stream of leads and educate potential customers on what they offer.

However, when it comes to designing and developing a website, most of those same small business owners think they can’t have all the bells and whistles that larger businesses have. But that’s not true. Why? Meet WordPress.

WordPress is a free platform that powers the back end of your website. It’s commonly referred to as a “content management system” because of its ability to let you easily create and organize all of the pa

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Benefits of Custom Website Development With Zippixel

Custom website development is one of our chief specialty areas backed by Zippixel’s superior capabilities on the most modern web development platforms and the versatile kind of experience garnered from accomplishing highly challenging kind of client projects. We go by the philosophy that an expert deployment of cutting edge technology and the flair to understand and address the demands and needs of evolving trends shall together promise the success of any web development project. With a throbbing zeal to be the prime part of our clients’ success story, we have ventured into making custom web development easier and better for our clients than ever.

Focus on simplicity and functionality

We always approach a custom website design & development project no

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How to Choose a Good eCommerce Website Development Company

Today, the quality of website design is comparable to the best on the globe. In addition, the possibilities of getting highly affordable website design solutions from professionally run website designing companies have allured a lot of international firms to hire them for a variety of their website development projects. A large number of professionals well trained in several web development platforms are coming out year on year to take employments with these firms and are accomplishing great projects through their capabilities, experience and expertise.

eCommerce website development is becoming highly popular with several firms marketing their products and services online taking advantage of the ama

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How to Choose a Expert Company for eCommerce Website Development

Why is among the leaders in the designing arena ensues from several advantages the company has over the other competitors in the industry. The firm is ably supported by a team of well experienced and accomplished professionals who are experts in diverse kinds of sophisticated platforms. The firm has accomplished a stunning range of eCommerce website development projects. This is rather an exclusive arena that calls for an exclusively special expertise. The websites designed for online marketing should present a highly attractive, user friendly and functionally rich interface for the customers and help grab the market share of the potential buyers.

Whether it comes to online marketing or announcing about your products and services, you need the right kind

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Hire Professional Web Design & Development Company

The amazing growth of information technology has revolutionized all spheres of life. Especially the realm of business under every known industry domain has gained tremendously from the sophisticated growth of the cyber world. Businesses need well designed website to effectively compete with their competitors. The secret of success during the digital age is to grab the fair share of the market to sell your products and services. Therefore you need to first strengthen your online presence and reach so that you are able to target the most prospective customers who can give you more business.

There are a large number of firms that are engaged in PHP web devlopment. They offer state of the art web design & de

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Ecommerce Website Design: Taking Business to A Glorifying Level

E-commerce is popularly referred to as the new and emerging trend of marketing industry. Every businessman, from newbie to an established one is looking for a reliable source to get futuristic presence of their business over web. And approaching an adept web development company is the best take towards materializing this objective. Evidently United States contributes 88.33% share of the total internet usage across the globe, which signifies that investing in online marketing would be the best thing to do in the coming years.

Realizing the need of gaining an utmost exclusivity in the market, various top brands like Chopard, White Castle, and shopping portals like Amazon, Wish, eBay have established their niche on the internet as influencing as on the str

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What Are the Benefits of Using Web Professionals?

Building new websites or redesigning them has been so much hyped that everyone thinks this can be done without any professional assistance. This has led to a collection of unappealing websites which turns away visitors and. If your business has such website, instead of it acting as a marketing tool, it will cut down the numbers. But of course! Why should this happen when Zippixel Technologies can come to your rescue?

There is no reason to waste your time updating a website when there is an expert who can take care of everything. Hiring a professional to build and manage a website is not expensive in India. Besides this, web designers are always updated on the best ways of building responsive websites that will be attractive to visitors. They will also employ the best Sear

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Is your website design is coming along the exact way you want?

There are many options to design a website today. You can use any free or convenient template; you can do it by yourself by editing it using some tools or you can hire a professional custom website design company who can tailor a design according to you and your business genre which will be beneficial in long run.

You must be thinking if there are beautiful templates available with ease so what is the need & benefits of doing custom website development. Please read out below benefits which will help you in making up your mind.

Search engine ranking: – If you closely see the sites which rank highly on search engine then you can witness that all these sites are custom designed. Such sites are always best for online marketing an

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2016 is close! It’s time to redesign your website

Yes, your website is one of the opening element of your marketing strategy and we are in an age wherein your business first impression is based on your website. Therefore your website must be updated, better than your competitor, user friendly, and not to forget full responsive.

Here are the perfect reasons why to consider a Website Redesign Services.

Reason 1. If something creative hits your mind

We learn new things every day and your knowledge bucket gets filled by travelling here and there on web browser. Consequently you empower yourself with new ideas for your website which can be implemented with the right help.

Reason 2. A big reason, if

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Are you willing to see increase in sales? They why stick with your local market.

Utilise the power of world wide web and extend your service and sales to the world market. Come online and build your store on the world wide web and sell like a boss. With increasing need of online presence, every businessman should look to have an online store where they can sell their range of products and services. One can get a lot of benefits by opting for online sales as it delivers a comprehensive range of benefits to retailers and merchants.

Electronic commerce or E-commerce is a concept which provides an open door to people to purchase or trade using computer networks and internet. With developments in technology consumers are becoming tech savvy and want to make their choice while sitting at home, partying with friends, while working out etc. Gone are the days when

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Does your business logo survive at today’s branding rules?

Do you know business logo has some major functions to perform? Does your logo present company’s identity? If you are still watching your logo and thinking about the answer then you certainly need to understand its worth and today’s branding trend.

Simple and easy going

It’s very easy to say “simple” however it’s extremely difficult to keep design as basic as possible. Your logo sums up your identity in single picture so it must be very simple. Branding rules says “ logo design must look similar on website & business card both”.

Choosing Colours is a key

If it is feasible don’t use more than 3 colours and do a

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Will Hiring Virtual Assistant Help During Busy Holidays December?

Hurrah! December holidays are around the corner. Your schedules are tight and you are willing to wrap up office work as much as you can. During this time you are finalizing the gifts, analysing the travel plans, and also thinking how to manage business when you are away.

A professional virtual assistant can be a true asset during this time of the month when you are busy and out of time.

Gain strength for coming year, be free & spend extra time with your family and friends. We realize that it’s hard to leave work behind however if you are using professional virtual assistant services then your every need is going to be covered.

Even you can save additional time if y

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Why SEO is important for your website?

How easy to remember, “SEO” short word with intense impact. Website setup is not enough, you must opt the right online marketing channel for online promotions. We say Search Engine Optimization is the very first vital step for your website success.

It’s quite simple! Rank as higher as possible. Majority of web users choose the service and product from top 5 or 7 suggestions provided by search engine. Practicing SEO will only aid you to reach at top.

SEO makes your website easy for both users & search engine robots, however search engines are not really sophisticated but still they can’t see and recognize a web page the same way a human can. So we have this SEO tool to help the engines in figuring out what each page is about and how it may

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Google optimizes search URLs in Browser

Google has changed the way URL string was looking before. There is this news hanging around these days and the change can be seen in search engine itself.

These new cleaned URLs are more manageable, more likely to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. You make website more visible via sharing and linking, also tend to help its search rankings, and increase quality traffic for you so these cleaned up links are really useful.

Google’s shorter URLs are now less intimidating to users. You can check and get an idea what the page is all about by looking at URL now.

The less words the better. A short URL is quicker to type and read. This practice of lessening the URLs length gives the opportunity for every word to receive more valu

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Ways to find a suitable PHP web developer

These days, there is a heavy demand for professionals with capabilities to work on the PHP platform. PHP web development means developing websites and dynamic web pages using the versatile and capable server-side scripting language, PHP. It offers a plethora of benefits. Not only is it open-source but also feature-rich and has all the functionality that a proprietary or paid scripting language would offer. Here are a few benefits that have made PHP Web Development so sought after.  It can be used to design any type of website and can handle websites with a lot of traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and many other very widely visited websites use it as their framework.

Taking sight of the sc

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How to find a good Online Marketing Company

Content marketing, Internet campaigning, Web-based advertising, online outreach — whatever you want to call it, modern marketers in India understand the benefits of utilizing websites and social media to boost customer interaction and sales.

Whether you’ve already launched online campaigns or are contemplating outsourcing a marketing company, there are plenty of factors to consider before making any investment.

Finding a reputable, responsive and results-oriented Online Marketing Agency does not have to be something you dread and should never be something you put off. If you know what you’re looking for, then finding the perfect match for your business can be qui

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How to choose a good website development company in India

In an age of digital disruption, the fear of getting lost in translation is palpable. With over 7 trillion users on the Internet, a once sweet hotbed for expansion is now the arena for competition.

Having a successful web presence can be tough for some businesses, as they do not have the expertise to create an optimized website that will attract customers or feel they need to invest in one that will. For those that do decide to enter the digital space, an even more daunting task is presented: choosing someone to do it. A web design company, sometimes known as a  web design firm, is a team of artists, technicians and marketers who all collaborate to ensure that your business makes a successful and powerful transition onto a digital format.

A professi

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