Does your business logo survive at today’s branding rules?

Do you know business logo has some major functions to perform? Does your logo present company’s identity? If you are still watching your logo and thinking about the answer then you certainly need to understand its worth and today’s branding trend.

Simple and easy going

It’s very easy to say “simple” however it’s extremely difficult to keep design as basic as possible. Your logo sums up your identity in single picture so it must be very simple. Branding rules says “ logo design must look similar on website & business card both”.

Choosing Colours is a key

If it is feasible don’t use more than 3 colours and do a little research before selecting the colours that suit your business. This is really important and if you are willing to advertise on social media or other formats then the basic colour scheme will do a better job.

Logo age

Trends will come and go. If you are getting your logo designed today or designing it by your own then let it be timeless. It must serve the ages and stay alive in changing branding trends. It’s not a wise thing to change business logo frequently, however it’s never too late to redesign if not rightly designed before.

Logo size

Please note if your logo looks awesome on screen doesn’t mean that it will render into recognizable logo when it is printed on the corner of your letterhead or enlarged to the size of a house. Test this to determine that your logo will work on all potential places.

Of course with new logo you need to redesign all business cards, letterheads and other promotional materials so make sure that redesigning is needed, also be careful once you design a new business logo.

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