Beginners PHP Website Development

If you are a new comer in PHP web development and want to learn PHP from a basic level – read on. The acronym for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor which is a well-known open source general-purpose scripting language. PHP server-side scripting language is a perfect fit for web development which can be embedded into HTML. Which means any current HTML file can be made dynamic by turning into a PHP file with PHP script running inside it.

So, what distinguishes PHP from client-side JavaScript? It’s all about the code! With PHP the code is run on the server side generating HTML and then it is issued to the client. The client can now run that script from the output received from the server-side but, he would not be aware of what that underlying “code&rdqu

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Benefits of Custom Website Development With Zippixel

Custom website development is one of our chief specialty areas backed by Zippixel’s superior capabilities on the most modern web development platforms and the versatile kind of experience garnered from accomplishing highly challenging kind of client projects. We go by the philosophy that an expert deployment of cutting edge technology and the flair to understand and address the demands and needs of evolving trends shall together promise the success of any web development project. With a throbbing zeal to be the prime part of our clients’ success story, we have ventured into making custom web development easier and better for our clients than ever.

Focus on simplicity and functionality

We always approach a custom website design & development project no

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Hire Professional Web Design & Development Company

The amazing growth of information technology has revolutionized all spheres of life. Especially the realm of business under every known industry domain has gained tremendously from the sophisticated growth of the cyber world. Businesses need well designed website to effectively compete with their competitors. The secret of success during the digital age is to grab the fair share of the market to sell your products and services. Therefore you need to first strengthen your online presence and reach so that you are able to target the most prospective customers who can give you more business.

There are a large number of firms that are engaged in PHP web devlopment. They offer state of the art web design & de

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Is your website design is coming along the exact way you want?

There are many options to design a website today. You can use any free or convenient template; you can do it by yourself by editing it using some tools or you can hire a professional custom website design company who can tailor a design according to you and your business genre which will be beneficial in long run.

You must be thinking if there are beautiful templates available with ease so what is the need & benefits of doing custom website development. Please read out below benefits which will help you in making up your mind.

Search engine ranking: – If you closely see the sites which rank highly on search engine then you can witness that all these sites are custom designed. Such sites are always best for online marketing an

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2016 is close! It’s time to redesign your website

Yes, your website is one of the opening element of your marketing strategy and we are in an age wherein your business first impression is based on your website. Therefore your website must be updated, better than your competitor, user friendly, and not to forget full responsive.

Here are the perfect reasons why to consider a Website Redesign Services.

Reason 1. If something creative hits your mind

We learn new things every day and your knowledge bucket gets filled by travelling here and there on web browser. Consequently you empower yourself with new ideas for your website which can be implemented with the right help.

Reason 2. A big reason, if

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